Employment at Southland Kindergarten Association

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We employ qualified, registered Early Childhood Teachers for Teacher, Head Teacher and Relieving Teaching positions within our Association. Teachers are employed under the provisions of the Kindergarten Teachers, Head Teachers and Senior Teachers Collective Agreement which offers 6 weeks annual leave, generous sick leave entitlements and professional learning time.

The Southland Kindergarten Association provides ongoing support and professional learning opportunities for staff under the guidance of our Advisory Support Teachers. We also have a comprehensive Advice and Guidance programme for beginning teachers.

We value and support our staff with the offer of the Employment Assistance Programme and the Association is an EEO employer.


Jasmine Heads - Teacher
Tracey Braven - Teacher
Bevan Simpson - Teacher
Jasmine Heads
"Working for the Association has opened up so many opportunites for me"
Tracey Braven
"I have been involved in some outstanding professional learning" Read more...   Bevan Simpson


"Being a male Early Childhood Teacher is such a rewarding career." Read more...



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